SafeCoast: SafeCoast: Future Flood Risk Management

Typ des Eintrags: Projekt
Dauer: 01/07/2005 - 06/2008

A team of coastal managers from the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Denmark and the UK are continuing their co-operation in project SafeCoast which aims to build on each other’s experience and understanding of coastal risk management. The project partners are linked together in the North Sea Coastal Managers Group (NSCMG) and have also worked together in the Interreg IIIb project Comrisk.

SafeCoast considers the question: ‘How to manage our North Sea coasts in 2050?’ and focuses on the consequences of climate change and spatial developments with respect to safety from tidal flooding. And enables coastal managers to share their knowledge and experience to broadening their scope on flood risk management in order to find new ways to keep our feet dry in the future.

Stichworte: Climate change, Flood Risk Management, Spatial planning
Kontakt: Niels Roode
National Institute for Coastal and Marine Management RIKZ / Rijkswaterstaat (RIKZ)
PO Box 20907
2500 EX Den Haag
Telefon: 0031 70 311 4368
Fax: 0031 70 311 4380
Partner: Ministry of the Interior of the Land Schleswig-Holstein Schleswig-Holstein
Rijkswaterstaat | Roads and Hydraulic Engineering Division DWW
State Ministry for Agriculture, Environment and Rural Areas
Danish Coastal Authority
Lower Saxony Water Management, Coastal Defence and Nature Conservation Agency
Ministry of the Flemish Community
Environmental Agency
Budget: 2.300.000
Finanziert von: European Commission (Interreg III) (
Interreg IIIb - North Sea ((