2nd SUBMARINER Conference

Datum: 27. - 28. September 2017
Webseite: https://betteroffblue17.b2match.io/
Ort: Berlin, GERMANY
Creating synergies for a biobased society

A huge amount of activity is happening in the field of blue bioeconomy in the Baltic Sea Region. The 2nd SUBMARINER conference will make the most of this activity by:

  • Uniting the actors working for progress towards a blue bioeconomy and biobased society in the Baltic Sea Region;

  • Showcasing advances, creating synergies and stimulating active cooperation between the multitude of ongoing projects and initiatives;   

  • Offering an excellent matchmaking opportunity with time for structured and informal networking.

Cross-cutting topics
  • The Baltic Sea Region’s blue bioeconomy in the European context;  
  • Changing markets for marine protein sources in feed;   
  • Smart specialisation and the blue economy;   
  • Nutrient mining in the Baltic Sea – a driver for regional development;   
  • Smoothing the transition from R&D to market;   
  • Financing environmental services;   
  • Creating added value in aquaculture through integration;   
  • Marine biobased materials and chemicals.
Registrierung: 26. September 2017